Album Review: Ane Brun – A Temporary Dive (2005)

‘A Temporary Dive’ is a short ten track album that leaves you feeling relaxed if slightly melancholy. She certainly reminds me of Jewel in her vocal style but the overall feel of the album is more akin to something you would hear at Ronnie Scotts than on mainstream radio.

There are a number of highlights here without there being anything that is going to change your life. Similarly though there are no real duffers either.

The best two tracks for me are track four ‘My Lover Will Go’ which has a very definite feel of war time French Cafe about it despite the flamenco guitar and the second cut ‘Rubber & Soul’ which is possibly the track that most conjures up the memories of nights in a dimly lit smoky jazz club.

Not far behind in terms of quality come the album opener ‘To Let Myself Go’ and third track Balloon Ranger’,which allegedly is about the difficulties she had learning English. This gives the album a solid four track opening which in truth it struggles to build upon as things drop off a little during the middle part of the album although ‘Laid In Earth’ is pretty good despite being a little maudlin. Something which is not easy given the general feel of the album as a whole.

Fortunately for Brun the album picks up again towards the end with the strangely named ‘Song Number 6’, which is actually track 9 ! A duet with Ron Sexsmith it has a nice uptempo feel and is guaranteed to get the most pedestrian of feet tapping. The final track ‘The Fight Song’ with its twangy out of tune slide guitar ends the album nicely and is surely fairly unique being as it is about a horse. Happily Brun is more lyrically astute than ‘Father Ted’ so there is no mention of fetlocks blowing in the wind here.

Overall then ‘A Temporary Dive’ is a nice pleasant album that is easy to listen to and will provide thirty odd minutes of acoustic smoky jazz club memories for those that can remember such things.

© Martin Leedham. Originally published on RYM April 2010


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