5 Responses to Good Company: A review of the original Bad Company studio albums 1974-1982

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  2. Arch says:

    Spot on! The first two LPs were great; the third was OK; they could have picked the two best songs from “Burning Sky” and only issued a single; “Desolation Angels” was a return to form; and “Rough Diamonds” sounds tired.

    Agree with you that the first record (and I think the second, as well) merit “expanded editions”. There are several radio shows etc wherein they do different songs such as old Free numbers and “Rock Me Baby”. Also seem to remember reading a Mick Ralphs interview around the time of the third record, in which he said the group had amassed a dozen or so unused outtakes by that point.

    (NB – from its placement on the chronological “Anthology”, the Bad Co version of “Easy on My Soul” (B-side of “Movin’ On”) seems to have been recorded during the “Straight Shooter” sessions. Guess they decided even before the second record came out that song wasn’t going to make the cut.)

    I think if they took all the hits from the Brian Howe era it would make one great album (never happen of course)!

    • I think we are singing from the same hymn sheet there Arch. There is a different version of ‘Deal With The Preacher’ around with a different first verse too. A lot of people were unhappy with the track selections on that anthology and to be honest the whole catalogue needs looking at. There should be a couple of live shows released in my opinion to. The one that Angel Air put out was pulled after legal action was threatened but a few got out. Was a good show from 76 but I would love to see some of the earlier ones put out. I have a stack of bootlegs but it would be nice to get a perfect sounding one. Can’t believe there aren’t any so not sure why they don’t put at least one out …. rather than all the modern day reformation ones. As for the Howe era, you are right there is some good stuff but Terry Thomas and Howe took over too much for me and turned then into a poor mans Foreigner. If you listen to the album Holy Water and Foreigner’s ‘Unusual Heat’ which came out around the same time there are some glaring similarities. However I really enjoyed the Robert Hart albums especially the first one ‘Company of Strangers’. Well worth a listen if you haven’t heard it. Cheers for positive comment.

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  4. Funny thing is my favorite albums of theirs are Burning Sky and Rough Diamonds because they sound so gritty and dry, perfect for a hot, summer day. The fact that Bad Company was weak while making those I think actually makes them better because instead of immediate, typical arena rock were treated with atmospheric, down to earth, natural blues rock, my favorite music by them.

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