Album Review: Heather Nova – Siren (1998)

Heather Nova is one of those artists people seem to either love or hate. Her vocal style, delivery  and lyric writing may be an acquired taste but if you can appreciate it you will be absolutely overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of her songs and voice. Some people it seems can’t though, and I know from personal experience that it does unbelievably happen as I once lived with a woman who actually said to me one day ….. “Why have you got that screeching whiny woman on again”. Some people just have no soul. Thank God I got out of that relationship !!! Anyway back to the point and enough with the nonsense.

“Siren” is Heather Nova’s third studio album. It is also her best although “South” is not too far behind it. Both getting rare five star awards from me. “Siren” though should have propelled Heather Nova into superstardom and why it didn’t is another one of those little mysteries that infuriates. As is the fact that the singles ‘London Rain’ and ‘Heart and Shoulder’ didn’t soar up the charts

There quite honestly isn’t a bad track on this album and everything blends so perfectly together it is just about impossible to do it justice with mere words. Picking highlights out is pretty near impossible too. All I can really do is say that ‘London Rain’, ‘Blood of Me’, ‘Heart and Shoulder’, ‘What a Feeling’, ‘Winter Blue’, ‘I’m Alive’ and ‘Not Only Human’ are all absolute perfect peices of indie singer/songwriter brilliance and that ‘Valley of Sound’, ‘I’m The Girl’, ‘Widescreen’, ‘Paper Cup’, ‘Avalanche’, ‘Make You Mine’ and ‘Ruby Red’ are all very very good and would be standout tracks on most albums.

Honestly, there is not a second wasted on this album anywhere. It’s is pure, indie/rock/pop/singer-songwriter/call it what you will, perfection. However, if I was really forced to single out a couple of tracks they would have to be ‘Winter Blue’, which just has everything you want in a song, and the wonderfully dreamy piano and string led ‘What a Feeling’.

This sits comfortably in my top twenty of all time and is second only to Chantal Kreviazuk’s Under These Rocks and Stones as my favourite album from a female solo performer. As I said in my review of that one, if you buy it and don’t like it, send it to me and I’ll give you your money back.

Oh and one more thing everytime I listen to it I just thank my lucky stars that my taste in music is better than my taste in women !!!

© Martin Leedham. First published on RYM January 2011

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