Album Review: Graham Bonnet – Line Up (1981)

Following his brief spell in Rainbow Graham Bonnet took full advantage of his newly acquired rock audience and put out this 1981 solo offering.

‘Line- Up’ came complete with a who’s who of guest musicians and a Rainbow coloured backdrop for the cover shot just in case anyone forgot what band he’d been in. To be fair to him though Bonnet did propel Rainbow into that rock/pop chart territory of the very late seventies and early eighties in a way that Dio probably never could have ……… but that is for a different review.

Enlisting the help of Whitesnake men Micky Moody, Jon Lord and Neil Murray, as well as future snake skinsman Cozy Powell meant that he was fronting a pretty useful sort of hybrid Whitesnake.

‘Night Games’, which was a minor UK hit was very much in the mould of ‘Since You Been Gone’ and ‘All Night Long’ from his Rainbow days albeit without the added bonus of a Blackmore solo.

‘Liar’ and ‘That’s The Way That It Is’ were also released as singles and charted. Bizarrely the latter named was also released at around the same time by Uriah Heep who were at that point fronted by Pete Goalby who had tried out with Rainbow just before Bonnet !

‘Dirty Hand’, ‘Out On The Water’ (with great backing vocals ) ‘Don’t Stand In The Open’ and the rock ‘n’ roll blitz of ‘Anthony Boy’ all stand out on what is a very good album.

The hideous ‘Be My Baby’ and a couple of obvious fillers are the only lowlights.

All round then a good album well worthy of four stars and more proof that when Bonnet sings rather than shouts he can cut it with some of rocks finest.

© Martin Leedham. First published on RYM January 2009

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