Album Review: Duffy – Rockferry (2008)

It is often difficult to judge a performer when they have only made one album. Retrospectively reviewing a debut album after the artist has made a few more is something I for one am far more used to doing. It will be interesting to see where Duffy goes with her next album because as good as this is I fear it doesn’t bode well for longevity. The novelty of actually having made an album in the twenty first Century that sounds as though it was made in the sixties is not going to be quite so ……. well novel …….. next time around. In fact you could argue that Tom Jones has already done the same with his last album so its pretty much old hat now already.

Having said that though Rockferry is still a very good pop soul album and its success is not solely down to sixties tinged sentimentality and the melancholy longing for times when life seemed much simpler despite the modern day advantages we enjoy. ‘Warwick Avenue’ for example wouldn’t be out of place on any sixties soul diva’s best of collection. ‘Syrup and  Honey’, ‘Mercy’ and  ‘Rockferry’ itself are not far behind either and it is only on the albums final three cuts that your mind starts to wander and suggests you’ve maybe heard enough of this for now.

A good debut then and an album which I will go back to periodically without it ever really becoming essential I should imagine. ‘Mercy’ smacks of one of those songs that is going to suffer from over exposure and too much radio airplay whilst ‘Warwick Avenue’ would be a mix tape essential if that was my type of thing. The jury is still out on the occasionallly annoying Duffy I think I’ll wait for her second album before passing judgement.

© Martin Leedham. First published on RYM April 2010

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