Album Review: Fleetwood Mac – Say You Will (2003)

I always thought that Christine McVie’s almost straight laced sensible big sister stuff was the perfect foil for Stevie Nicks flighty whimsical fairy stuff so wasn’t exactly sure whether this would actually feel like a Fleetwood Mac album or not without her.

My first impressions, and I have to admit I haven’t given it extensive airings is that it probably doesn’t. It has the feel to me of a Lyndsey Buckingham album with Mac members guesting and a Stevie Nicks album with Mac members and Buckingham guesting all rolled into one. That doesn’t mean to say it is bad. Quite the opposite in fact. It is just strange thinking of it as a Fleetwood Mac album. It gets very prog and even Led Zeppelin like in places. The good tracks are good, but the lesser ones are little more than filler to my ears.

‘Miranda’ which wouldn’t sound out of place on the Tusk album and ‘Steal Your Heart Away’ are my personal favourites. The prog sounding ‘Murrow Turning Over In His Grave’ would not be far behind along with the acoustic Zeppelin feel of ‘Illume’. ‘Thrown Down’, ‘Peacekeeper’ and ‘Silver Girl’ are the other main standouts.

Other points of note are the title track ‘Say You Will’ which is classic Stevie Nicks although the children choir fade out I could have done without. ‘Smile At You’ is pleasant but ultimately unexciting and the lengthy ‘Come’ is a strange heavy song which almost turns into anger towards the end. It is certainly not a track that sits comfortably alongside tracks from the ‘Rumours’ era.

All in all this is probably an album that takes time to grow on you but it is an exceptionally long album clocking in at over seventy minutes. I have to admit I was starting to lose interest by the time I got to ‘Bleed To Love Her’ which is track fourteen of eighteen.

© Martin Leedham. First published on RYM February 2009.

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